You’ll Love This Tiny Home By Timber Tech

If you’ve been looking for a tiny house which offers a lots of livable space, this tiny house is sure to could be your dream come true.

This tiny house is designed to be a place for a family of 5 to live comfortably. It has a total floor space of 325 square feet.

This tiny house is designed by Timber Tech LLC and was featured on TV show Tiny House Nation.

The house has a nice, inviting design. It’s made out of cedar shakes and has a great design that makes it seem more modern than older homes.

The interior design of this home is very classy. White walls add warmth to the room. There is a big chandelier that provides light and glows in the room. Windows allow natural light into the living space.

Two benches are set up across from each other in the living area. There is a table that can extend out to seat 3 people on one side. The kitchen is located on the opposite end of the room.

There is a countertop that runs along the length of the kitchen. This allows you to prep meals while sitting at the counter. There are also black appliances and a large stainless steel sink.

A bathroom is located on the opposite end of your home. There is a wall-mounted sink and toilet, and a full-sized shower stall.

This is a skinny room, but you have everything you want in it. As for sleeping arrangements, this amazing tiny house has three bedrooms.

The master bedroom is also spacious with beautiful wood and plenty of windows to let natural light in.

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