Find Out What It’s Like to Live in the Fox Tiny House

A 100-square-foot hideout is located in the shadow of trees, and it’s called the Fox House.

This particular sofa goes back to the 1950s. The blue chest, which serves as a table in this area, is a great addition to the décor.

While there is a spacious living room and a bedroom in the property, there is no kitchen. There is a hotplate and a kettle, but don’t get started just yet. Guests have a number of selections, including tea and coffee.

How lovely it is here! This brief stay is not an option. Ones will need to escape for at least a week or so.

We also found something else in the room. They give lovely views of the surrounding greenery, as well as plenty of natural light.

It is possible to walk to the main house from the guest house, which is 40 yards away. The guest house does not have a bathroom.

Bathroom use is controlled by individual visitors. Parking is provided and new linens and towels are provided upon arrival.

For vacationers, birds, squirrels, and deer may be seen.

Speaking of which, you can reserve your stay at The Fox House on AirBnB right here.

By the time we wrote this review, Sloane and Emily charged $115 a night to stay in the tree house.

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