This Tiny House Is 210 Square Feet of Pure Glamor

You can find so many gorgeous tiny houses on the market currently!

The Homestead is a perfect example of how to make a tiny house stand out in the crowd. The tiny house that emphasizes creativity. It features beautiful blue siding, metal accenting, and cedar trim.

It also includes a fun green door that welcomes visitors. The Homestead is currently listed at $65,000.

We love the unique shade of blue that they used on the house and the way it looks against the cedar trim. The same cedar was used on the large drawbridge decks that are perfect for setting a couple of rocking chairs on.

This home is perfect for entertaining because there is plenty of space for guests to relax while enjoying the beautiful view. Let’s go inside!

This kitchen is well-equipped with modern appliances and lots of storage. Countertops are made out of wood, giving you more room to cook and eat.

A tall cabinet gives extra space for storing kitchen supplies. There is also an open floor plan that includes sleeping quarters, dining area, and office.

This setup makes the tiny house feel bigger than it actually is.

The bedroom has a comfortable bed and a big window looking out onto the street. There is also a small TV mounted in one corner.

The middle level is a storage area, a dining area, and a bar. The top level is an open loft above the kitchen, with a padded bench for sleeping.

A sliding door leads to the bathroom. Downstairs is a kitchenette with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, and sink.

For more information about this tiny house visit the builder’s website.

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