This Tiny House Provides a Surprisingly Cozy Interior

There are so many gorgeous tiny houses on the market these days! One which really caught my eye is this tiny house by Clayton Homes.

Their newest model is called the Saltbox Tiny House. This model is inspired by lean-to houses that were common during the 16th century.

These homes had a traditional design with an open floor plan. We love how bright, open and inviting this tiny house is. You might also enjoy our other tiny houses!

The home has floor-to ceiling windows and glass doors that let in lots of natural light. The living room features a large couch, chairs, and a side table.

A house with a spacious layout is easy to clean and maintain. In this home, there is plenty of storage space in the cabinets and drawers.

The kitchen features beautiful white cabinets and appliances. The dining area is located off the side of the main living area. This house includes a large amount of space for storage.

The bathroom is located between the kitchen and bedroom, with a tub and shower. There is also a large vanity with a countertop and sink next the toilet.

The bedroom has a queen-size bed and nightstands by mounting a television to the wall. You can buy a Saltbox tiny house online for $40,000.

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