Check Out This Impressive 307 Square Foot Tiny Home

The Leavonworth Tiny House is a house for huge fans of Beauty and the Beast. The creator of the home proclaimed that the design was inspired by Belle, the lead character of the movie franchise.

The home has light blue shutters, flowery nuances from the boxes beneath the windows, as well as a cream-like appearance.

The house might be another beautiful art for commoners. But for the huge fans of Beauty and the Beast, you will know at a glance that this house is supposed to be presented in such a way.

Its interesting design comes from the pre-doiminant natural wood siding and darker hardwood flooring. 307 square feet does not seem small at all for you and your family, plus overnight guests.

You will be welcomed by a full-size couch where you can relax and watch your favorite Netflix series, or read your favorite book.

What about your guests? The full-sized couch can double as a guest bed.

There’s an accommodating small table for nice dinner dates with your special ones.

The sleeping area is accessible through the staircase which takes you and your other significant to the upstairs. The twin bed is sufficient for the couple and their pets.

The moment we wrote the review, the rates were $129 per night.

Learn more about renting this tiny house here.

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