Wonderful 420 Square Foot Tiny House

If you like the idea of living in a tiny houses on wheels, but in addition you want want to make sure that you have a lots of space, this tiny house is sure to blow your mind.

We love the cute and tiny homes that we show on our site. But we also love the bigger houses that have the option to spread out some more.

This dreamwood tiny house by Humble Homes is such a house.

It features 420 square feet, measuring 12 ft by 40 ft, and is a great choice for someone looking to down size and find financial freedom without sacrificing traditional room sizes.

It’s currently listed for sale for $85K-$110K depending on finishes and can found in Germantown, MD.

This house has a beautiful wooden accent wall that gives off warmth. There is an open space throughout the house, and there is a long hallway leading out to the rest of the house.

Inside you can find a spacious living room with a couch that could be turned into a bed. Plenty of storage space in cabinets and drawers and granite counters make cooking easy. Also there are a full-sized fridge and oven.

This bathroom features wood walls, a beautiful corner shower, and a custom vanity. Next to it is a storage cabinet, and across from both is a toilet.

The bedroom is large enough for a queen-sized mattress, full-size storage, and a small sitting area.

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