Find Out What It’s Like to Live in a Hobbit-Style Tiny House

A hobbit-like dwelling in the woods, or a hobbit hole? Either way, this cute little cabin is cozy and inviting.

A massive beam forms the structure of the home.

A round doorway leads into the living space, which features a fireplace. Outside, there is a large deck and lush landscaping.

There is plenty of space inside to relax and enjoy your time there. The owners take pride in their home and want people to know how nice it is.

The bed is located in the middle of the house. You can also find a TV mounted in the living room, and a separate desk and wet bar area.

Bathroom features a corner shower with flushing toilet and small sink vanity.

Outside there is a large deck overlooking the crystal blue water with mountain in the distance.

With rates starting at $150 a night, you can book the house here.

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