Find Out What It’s Like to Live in This Pre-fabricated Shed

Tiny shed homes are a cute idea but sometimes it also feels like it is too small and cramped,

This shack is designed with clean lines and classic pieces, mixed grey and blue in various shades while using white walls and wood decoration.

On one side of the wall, a sofa is placed with a chair and ottoman that can be used as a coffee table. Outdoor end tables and lamps for added light and storage are placed on both sides of the wall.

A ladder against one wall is placed for a small space of storage, extra sleep space, or adding decor if needed.

The bathroom and the bedroom share one wall that separates them from each other. This wall can be used to hang some portraits, pictures, or perhaps adding a small chest or drawer for storage.

The bedroom walls don’t have a complete wall to the ceiling instead it has pocket doors for privacy. You could add a wall and enclose this space if desired.

There is only one window in the bedroom, and sitting next to it you’ll find a wardrobe with a mirror as a replacement for the built-in closet.

A traditional bathroom with bathtub and shower is located behind the door out of the bedroom. This space is fancy but ideal and functional for everyday use.

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