Best Tiny House Plans For 2023 – Reviews

Are you looking for the best tiny house plans in 2023? These tiny house plans may just help make your dream of owning a tiny house a reality. Building it yourself will save you money and ensure that you’re getting a high-quality home.

The tiny house plans below include everything you need to build your new home. You can find blueprints, diagrams, photos, cut lists, materials lists, and step-by-step building directions.

Besides saving a lot of money, downsizing is truly the best way of organizing your stuff and de-clutter. Minimalism as a movement among the younger generation is definitely picking up steam.

Top Tiny House Plans For 2023 – Reviews

1. Tiny House Designing, Building, & Living (Idiot’s Guides)

An easy to understand book that will help you transition to a minimalist lifestyle. It greatly aids you in building, financial and legal matters needed to materialize your own tiny house. The book will surely give you tips and strategies as well as the foundations for a tiny house set up.


  • Good book for beginners
  • Factual information
  • It covers most of the basic stuff

2. Tiny House Design & Construction Guide

The guide provides us basic knowledge of the do’s and don’t’s during the process of construction or in the process of conceptualizing. With the transition of the world, adapting to the fast paced movement towards the minimalist is one important thing.


  • It serves like a textbook
  • It is clearly organized
  • It helps a lot in the realization of dreaming to fly and build their cute tiny homes

3. Microshelters: 59 Creative Cabins, Tiny Houses, Tree Houses, and Other Small Structures

The 59 unique tiny houses will tempt you to dream of having a nice tiny house in the woods. It will give you an idea about cabins, tiny houses, tree houses and other small structured spaces. It contains general ideas of each and a little comparison from the other. It surely makes us think about the best fit for us.


  • Contains a lot of information from different things
  • Subject specific, focuses on cottages and cabins

4. 150 Best Cottage and Cabin Ideas

An amazing take on the modern design of houses. The book contains the structure and style of the 150 cottages and cabins across the country. Different inspirations from different trends. An array of different structural designs and functionality. Indeed, the book will trigger the imagination of owning your own cottage or cabin.


  • Subject specific, focuses on cottages and cabins
  • Greatly helps those who are dreaming to build a cabin

5. Tiny House Basics: Living the Good Life in Small Spaces

Downsizing has been a recent trend nowadays. The book greatly concentrates on giving us tips and strategies on how to follow the flow of concepts and ideas on a minimal living space set up. It also give amazing ideas on how to have everything you need in a small scale setting. It’s a fresh take from two well experienced couple who started building their own tiny house giving real life examples of the challenges they overcame in the process.


  • Experienced based opinions from author
  • Fresh ideas on small scale house set up
  • Gives the full potential of a tiny house

6. Tiny House Floor Plans: Over 200 Interior Designs for Tiny Houses

A book with a collection of 200 interior designs that will suite small houses better. The interior planning is good, it greatly helps maximize the space and provide a living comfort. The book contains diagrams and instructions on how to deal with small space.


  • The lay out was good
  • Pictures are arranged in a way that is easy to understand
  • Gives inspiration for readers to dream

7. Tiny House Living: Ideas For Building and Living Well In Less than 400 Square Feet

The book that will give you an insight about the small house lifestyle. It will give you a take on how to transition from a big house to a small house setting. With the momentum of downsizing and practicality being adopted by everyone but are still not very eager to make a transition right away. This book will help you check if tiny house living fits your needs. It will explore on how you can save from monthly mortgage and home maintenance which may be a stressful challenge in a few years time having a big luxurious house.


  • Great insights on small house living
  • Comparison is great
  • Description is splendidly placed

8. Tiny Houses Built with Recycled Materials: Inspiration for Constructing Tiny Holes Using Salvaged and Reclaimed Supplies

It feels good to build a house with a purpose of saving mother earth. This book is really about recycling. We have an advanced economy yet the problem with garbage is always around the corner. Maybe recycling them and adding a little touch of creativity might prove to be helpful in our pursuit to provide room for more people and give comfort under the roof of a tiny house.


  • Eco friendly
  • It is clearly organized

9. Tiny House Living: Tiny Home Woodworking Plans & Interior Design Ideas

An amazing take on how to manage living the life of a person who stays in a tiny house, living in less than 400 square feet is a bit of a challenge but it can be managed. The book gives tips on how you can maximize and experience the best out of your tiny house. It offers a good plan for those who are not technically good in design because it gives a straightforward and easy to understand steps. It provides ease for us to translate concept and express simple ideas into a space saving house.


  • Easy to read and good for the eyes
  • Provides visuals or images to the readers
  • A good starter for reading books on tiny house living

10. The New Small House

A book that will give you tremendous insights on how to imagine the ideal small house for each of us. It give us a glimpse of the North American houses seen in the rural, coastal and in-town locations. Pictures that entice us to experience living in comfort yet with a space saving mindset. It also provides strategies for those who are planning to have their very own small houses. The author also integrates her 10 key small-house design strategies which provide great insights for readers. She also gave remarks on how practical it is to stay on a small house. An amazing book indeed.


  • Visuals and images are provided
  • Detailed strategies on small houses
  • Strategies and tips to have a small house conducive for living

11. Tiny Houses: Tiny House Example Plans For The Perfect Tiny House Design

A complete guide on designing the interior and exterior of your tiny house. Strategies on how to further arrange the things, furniture and appliances are provided in the book. It is also visually appealing since pictures were also well placed in the book. It also enumerated our common mistakes when staying in a tiny house.


  • Comprehensive book for starters
  • Visually appealing
  • Concise with ideas and tips
  • Concise with ideas and tips on staying in a tiny house

12. Tiny House: Remarkable Beginners Guide to Interior Design, Affordable Living, and 50 Hacks for Ginormous Living!

This is a good guide for beginners who haven’t lived on their own in a tiny house before. It clearly describes the life of an individual in a tiny house. It also gives us the challenges of living on your own and how to cope and deal with it. An amazing take on frequently asked questions and explore the benefits of a small house.


  • A great beginners guide for those who want to start with a tiny house
  • It states and explores the benefits and practicality of living in a tiny house.
  • It’s the right book for modest people who are practical

13. 150 Best Tiny Home Ideas

These are great ideas on urban and rural tiny homes with regard to space limitations featuring innovations in efficient and successful small-space design. If you plan to have your own modest house with great architecture and interior then this book is a big help for you. It provides creative use of space and current trends to enhance comfort and practicality.


  • Great visual and colored images
  • It will inspire you to remodel your house
  • Good insights on space saving features

14. Tiny Houses: How To Build A Tiny House For Cheap And Live Mortgage

What an amazing way to save and build your own house, avoiding debt and financial challenges in the future. The book tells us how to start and build your own tiny house and provides a guide on what you need to know about tiny house construction. It has the steps and corresponding explanation of terms that are easy to comprehend.


  • Well organized content and well divided chapters
  • Easy to understand concepts

15. Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter (The Shelter Library of Building Books)

A book loaded with a lot of pictures of different houses across the country. A wide array of choices for those who are still on the stage of conceptualizing their houses. It creates insights on having your very own house without compromising design or the comfort of living. An amazing book to start daydreaming your very own house and provides practical application of how to save with regard to huge financial stress on getting bigger houses with higher mortgage.


  • Easy on the eyes and it has pictures of different houses
  • Well compiled photographs from across the country

16. The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live

The book shows efficiency in house design. The author really gives a huge emphasis on giving the best quality and not focusing on quantity. She has a good take in architecture with great consideration of giving you the best living experience though it’s a small house. It gives ideas on how to save with materials used in construction and other tips to initially cut overhead costs. The books she wrote are a bit far from the other, the first is far superior than the recent release.


  • Up to date tips on construction
  • Quality and living conditions had been greatly taken into consideration
  • Construction and design tips and fundamentals are given

17. Small Eco Houses: Living Green in Style

A book which greatly takes the side of creating an eco friendly home for all. It gives great insights on how to have a good design and creative style though having a small house setting. It takes much consideration on our challenges on the quality of living space we have for integrating environmentally stylish designs with a functional purpose. It’s a fresh take on how to innovate our perspective on a small, modern house living.


  • Great insights on small scale house setting
  • Good integration of environmentally considerate design

18. Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Treehouses, 2nd edition: Design & Build Your Kids a Treehouse

Every child’s dream is to be independent and to live alone on a tree house. Even grown ups still yearn to have one. This is one of the few books which offers the fundamentals in the tree house building concept. It includes choosing the right tree, the safety and accessories that you can use and other specifics. The book will really give your inner kid the widest imagination of having the best tree house ever.


  • The unique tree-house concept
  • One of the most informative tree-house building books
  • Helpful tips and guides during tree-house construction

19. Tiny Houses: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide: 20 Space Hacks for Living Big in Your Tiny House

Living small but luxurious. If you’re having thoughts of going small but doesn’t have any idea where to start, this book is for you. It gives great tips and strategies on how to go small, giving you easy to follow steps in realizing your small scale set up. There are complete instructions that will guide you in every step during the process of construction. A great help for amateurs who are just starting.


  • Great guide on the step by step process
  • Gives good tips on the do’s and don’ts

 20. The Log Home Maintenance Guide: A Field Guide for Identifying, Preventing, and Solving Problems

A helpful guide to maintain and ensure that your beloved log home will last a few more years than predicted. Log or wood has always been a delicate material. Sometimes common knowledge to restore and maintain it might prove to be harmful than beneficial. This book will greatly help you in understanding how to maintain and restore your log home.


  • Book is goal specific
  • Provides factual information supporting the concept of log home maintenance

21. Tiny House: Beginner’s Guide to Minimalist Living: Building Your Small Home Guide

A book which gives a minimalist feel in your tiny homes. It supports the small home movement and gives due credit for tiny house owners. It teaches us how to save space and avoid clutter. The author also provided the frequently asked questions and directs customers to the suppliers who can greatly help in pursuing their small house projects.


  • Answers FaQs well
  • Gives support through hints and tips on suppliers

22. Compact Cabins: Simple Living in 1000 Square Feet or Less

This will greatly help us have the best quality cabin that fits our needs. It has a detailed plan on how to build a compact and creative cabin which you can fully customize. A cabin that you can really call home. It will give you tips on both material costs and how to lower your maintenance costs.


  • Subject specific
  • Greatly helps those who are planning to build a cabin (with experience)

23. Van Life: Your Home on the Road

A good guide to explore the country. Millenials have always been fascinated by adventure. They can’t even stay in one place. This guide greatly helps those who seek the same thrill and excitement of being on the road. The adventure is a journey worth taking.


  • Gives a real life idea of the life on the road
  • Inspires courage to take risk and follow your dreams

24. The Cabin: Inspiration for the Classic American Getaway

This has featured 37 great cabins across the country which will greatly help us to have the best quality cabin that fits our needs. It has a detailed plan on how to build a creative cabin which you can fully customize. A cabin that you can really call a practical modern home. It will give you tips and strategies to have the cabin that fits your needs.


  • Subject specific
  • Greatly helps those who are planning to build a cabin (with experience)

25. The Big Book of Small Home Plans: Over 360 Home Plans Under 1200 Square Feet

A book loaded with 360 pictures of different houses across the country that goes smaller and smaller in sizes. A wide array of choices for those who are still conceptualizing their houses. An amazing book to start daydreaming on your very own house and it provides practical application. It will give you tips and strategies in building your own tiny house.


  • Easy on the eyes and includes pictures of different houses
  • Well compiled photographs from across the country
  • Very informative and explanations are brief and concise

26. The Family Cabin: Inspiration for Camps, Cottages, and Cabins

It is indeed an adventure to stay at a cottage or a cabin, with the fast paced work and business, vacations and parties are always around the corner. Having your own family cabin is one of the closest thing to the Hamptons. The book contains the structure and style of 300 photographs of cottages and cabins across the country. Different inspirations from different trends. An array of different structural designs and functionality. Indeed, the book will trigger the imagination of owning your own cottage or cabin. You will definitely feel the need to go camping!


  • Subject specific, focuses on cottages and cabins
  • Greatly helps in triggering the spirit of adventure in us

27. Tiny Houses: Beginners Guide: Tiny House Living On A Budget

You will have insights on how to imagine the ideal little home for you. Strategies and tips will be given as to save both time and money. Helps ypu decide on what you want and how to make it happen. Has pictures that entice us to experience living in comfort yet with a space saving mindset. It also provides tips for those who are planning to have their very own small house. She also gave remarks on how practical it is to stay on a small home.


  • Visuals and images are provided
  • It is clearly organized

28. Cabin Fever: Rustic Style Comes Home

The cabin is one of the famous types of houses in the United States. It’s very good that we have greatly established the cabin as being homey and nice. But it’s only good for a while, for vacation or for a long Holiday. Spending time away from home makes us want to have a second home through the cabin.


  • Great insights and designs
  • Amazing style

29. Boathouses of Lake Minnetonka

A glimpse of history from the lake. What a great relief from the busy city life. A laid back stay at a boathouse is really great. I might daydream to have one of the rustic styled house. It might be beneficial to check it and look at the architectural significance of its structure and compare it to the trend today.


  • Beautiful history
  • Gives emphasis on the new rustic themed homes

30. Building Small: Sustainable Designs for Tiny Houses & Backyard Buildings

Tiny houses have been on the fast paced trend nowadays. Transition has been inevitably rising. Is it good to live like that? Or is it because it’s trending? It’s very nice to have the comfort of a small house and it is always an amazing place to visit. Let’s look for strategies and tips on successful tiny house building in this great book.


  • Very inspiring book
  • Informative and factual

31. Prefabulous Small Houses

Fabulous houses with great architectural design, an amazing turn out of events. The book gives you ideas for the best interior that will make your house look better. We can work on a lot of things and it doesn’t stop there; making it happen is what’s important.


  • Artistic interior and exterior
  • It is clearly organized

32. Small Homes: The Right Size (The Shelter Library of Building Books)

There are a variety of homes and it varies in size. Tiny homes that are good for one, for two or a small family. The number of people who will be living inside the house must always be taken into consideration before the time of construction starts. A firm belief of what you want or what is needed is significantly important. This mess is just starting. The tips and strategies are the foundation of our responsibility. So let’s get back and check the sites appearing.


  • Great book for reading
  • Contains lots of examples

33. More Small Houses (Fine Homebuilding)

This book will give you strategies and tips in pursuing your small goal as a non magic user. Let’s always bear in mind that with constant learning and reading, we can make a state of the art home. We just have to imply everything that we need to learn in this book and of course add a little of our personal touch.


  • Good intention on the topic
  • Is advancing pretty fast

34. The Classic Hewn-Log House: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building and Restoring

The maintenance of a log house is never been easy. Which is why a thorough knowledge about making it last long should always be taken into consideration and it’s a good thing that everything you need to learn about it is in this book. Most often than not, maintaining the life of a log means we should be very cautious. We need to learn the facts and decide on the actions that we need to take.


  • Subject matter expert
  • Factual and focused

35. Build Your Own Tiny House Using Our Tiny House Plans! (Lucy)

Lucy is the best! A good way to start a family is to have a house of your own. This book gives you the framework of “Lucy” (the name of the house). The framework is detailed with specific dimensions and the interior can be completely customized. It features an amazing use of space with enough storage without jeopardizing the aesthetics.


  • Detailed dimensions and basic measurements
  • Interior can be fully customized except for its loft
  • A high ceiling design that makes the house bigger
  • Details of fully functional storage spaces

36. Coastal Living Beach House Happy: The Joy of Living by the Water

Beach life is one of life’s best leisures. I am quite happy with the sea breeze on my face and I’m positive that the sea vibe might give you the same feeling. It’s always a euphoric feeling. Having a cabin or a beach house is the best ever. Enjoying the sun while seeing the white and the blue see. Amazing! And it’s just wonderful how this book contains everything that will make you love living in a little beach house.


  • Subject focus
  • Experienced based combat

37. Coastal Modern: Sophisticated Homes Inspired by the Ocean

The sea is an overwhelming figure but having around the beach is a spectacular feeling. Waking up in the morning with the sea breeze smell is amazing! It’s an unforgettable feeling. And I’ll be getting a house there, a tiny one and I’ll be there with you and so will this book. It will prepare you for a life venture that will definitely escalate you to the next level.


  • Project focused
  • It is clearly organized

38. Island Life: Inspirational Interiors

Tropical island plus tropical climate with tropical fruits. What more can we ask for? The holiday of our life is amazing

The interiors of the place was great. A European design with a carribean feel. It’s all this book! The mix of cultures in one bowl, in one book, in every single page of this book!


  • Encouraging and inspiring!
  • Great pictures

39. Mary Emmerling’s Beach Cottages: At Home by the Sea

Amazing cottage, white sand, bright sun and a cool breeze of fresh air. The perfect description of the morning in this beautiful cottage all found within the pages of this book. A beautiful book that transports you into the Bahamas. Great pictures and complete descriptions will actually make you feel like you’re in it for real!


  • Good content and use of words
  • Wide array of pictures
  • Coherent and very understanding

40. India Hicks: Island Style

The bohemian style was spectacular. It is laid back but bold. The island life was a blast.

From top to bottom decors, everything is splendid and is all reflected in this book. Timeless beauty a never ending grace and blessings of the visual aspect, you will never miss any of those when you flip through this book’s pages.


  • Beautiful images
  • Clear and affectionate

41. Coastal Living: A celebration of living by the ocean

Let’s rejoice the vibe of sea meeting the earth on a book that will strategize your own coastal living. It will give you a glimpse of you having your own abode that witnesses the sunrise when you open the wooden French door of your master’s bedroom. It’s the warmth of the sea that smiles on you in the morning and the same warmth embraces you in the evening. A coastal living like no other. Check strategies on this book and insights on how to effectively plan your own.


  • Good content and use of words
  • Scenery was awesome
  • Wide array of pictures
  • Description was on point

42. House Beautiful Living by Water

Let’s celebrate the ocean in its vastness. The lifestyle of life at sea is always far fetch and indescribable. The life of everyday is such a pure bliss. The cottage on this book was a mix of the Caribbean and English taste, it’s the mix of both worlds and a good experiment that works for you and everyone. Have the space that naturally compliments the environment. Get ideas and insights for your own seaside home.


  • Beautiful images
  • Scenery was awesome
  • Description was on point

43. Coastal Style: Home Decorating Ideas Inspired by Seaside Living

A nice European vibe with the glamour and neutrality mixed in one. The book will give you inspiration and ideas on seaside living. It will make you aspire to genuinely live by the sea; relaxed and pampered. This kind of living is a lifestyle. Be still in the breeze and enjoy the comfort of your little coastal home.


  • Vivid images
  • Great choice of adjectives
  • Great inspiration on themes


Having one great home is one of the most successful goals an individual or a family can have. With these amazing 43 books, you’ll have ideas on what to do in the interior or exterior of your little home. How to arrange and customize the interior to make a space worthy set up where you can utilize every bit of space are also stated here. The insights will greatly help you in planning your desirable house or remodel the current one that you have.

As a home owner there are a few revisions that we may take to enhance our home living experience. To move the furniture, redesign the living room, pimp the bedroom or add space saving storage. A lot can be done without a huge sacrifice on our monthly budgets. Just follow the tips and strategies.

For the new buyers who are still hunting the best home for them and their family. There are only 3 things that you need to put in mind. First is the vision that you have on how the house should look like and the things that should be in it. Second is the location, the convenience of the supermarket, school, hospital or work from your house. Plus the ease of transportation from your place to this prime locations. Third is finances, the toll on monthly mortgage and home maintenance. If you are almost ready and determine to get your dream home, then get your eyes on the price and go window shopping!

Go outside and search for that amazing home. Plan and implement. Execute and make the most out of it. Looking for a house is a process so you should start. Let’s do it!

We also have an interesting selection of underground houses, container homes as well as self-sustaining homes, which is a definite must-read.