Rustic Tiny House Near Tucson, Arizona

Rustic luxury is exactly what you get when you buy this tiny home. The exterior features dark wood siding and rusty metal panels.

A large porch begins and ends the tiny home. Lots of windows let in lots of natural light.

This home is very spacious, but it isn’t for everyone. It’s perfect for people who want a large space, but don’t need mobility. The finishes are beautiful, and the interior design is elegant.

The living room is impeccable with light colors, dark wood trim, beautiful hardwood floors, and a stunning fireplace with a stone hear them.

There’s also a large TV mounted over the mantel. The homeowners chose the best things they could get instead of something boring. The corner of the house shows off what a luxury home looks like.

The kitchen features stainless-steel appliances including a dishwasher, full-sized refrigerator, and stove.

There’s also a stainless farmhouse sink with a commercial faucet. In this kitchen you can find has everything you could ask for preparing meals.

The bathroom is located behind a sliding barn door. It has a custom walk-in bathtub with stone flooring around it, and a wooden floor covering the rest of the bathroom.

There is also a loft above the living room. The loft has lots of extra space to expand into. The bathroom has a slight slant to make it easier to stand up straight while using the toilet.

We love this tiny house and the way it contradicts itself by being completely rustic and completely refined!

For more information about this tiny house, visit the builder’s website.

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