Amazing 160 Square Foot Home Made Out Of Shipping Containers

Today I have a special treat for our readers – one of the best tiny houses made from shipping containers I have ever seen.

If you’ve been looking for a tiny house which gives a lots of room, this tiny house is sure to impress you.

The Dwell Containers, a Canadian based company, comes up with designs for new homes made out of old shipping containers. These homes are great for people who want a minimalist lifestyle but still need some space.

The exterior is partially covered in wood. You can also order a big deck for outside of the glass windows.

This deck doubles your living space! You could use this as an outdoor room or even an indoor room. The original shipping doors make it easier to move furniture inside the house.

In the end of this tiny house you can find a small kitchenette that comes with glossy white cabinets and wooden countertops. In addition, it features a space for a mini fridge that can be slid under the counter.

You could also have a desk installed in this area. These homes don’t have a bath room, so they’re better suited for being used as an accessory dwelling.

However, you could always add a bathroom or even make a master suite out of a second container.

For more information visit their website.

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