Couple in California Builds 236 Square Foot Tiny House Using DIY methods

In order to live comfortably in California without incurring excessive debt, Brian and Joni Buzarde chose to build their own tiny home with the aid of Brian’s architect experience.

The “Woody” tiny house has a contemporary design, is 236 square feet, and ultimately cost roughly $50,000. They intend to stay in the magnificent tiny house until their family outgrows its next permanent location on five acres.

Large windows and sliding doors bring in plenty of natural light, and the home’s roofline was angled to raise the interior ceiling height.

The couple’s living space is doubled in size thanks to large sliding doors that occupy a whole wall of the living room. These doors also open to a deck with an amazing view of the mountains.

Between the living room and bathroom, the kitchen has a deep shelf for storage and light wood cabinets with metal upper cabinets. Along with a mini-fridge and sink, the cupboards include a small burner and oven.

With a queen-sized bed and numerous windows to bring in fresh air, the loft is pleasant. Additionally, the skylight located above the bed’s head provides a fantastic view when you’re unwinding.

We admire this couple’s resolve to live simply and their readiness to handle everything on their own. What are you still holding out for?

Get to creating and your small house could be the next one we showcase. Visit Dwell to learn more about their journey.

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