Awesome and Stylish Tiny House in Maryland

Since 2011, Bill and Sue Thomas of Maryland, who have more than 30 years of combined expertise in the custom home industry, have been creating unique tiny homes, or “hobs,” for their customers.

With wood siding, hardwood floors, and red accents, the interior of the house is just as rustic as the exterior. One of the house’s two doorways leads immediately into the living and dining area, which has space for a full-sized table and seats.

The living area has a window arrangement with a lovely stained-glass window on top and is just close to the dining table. There is room for a couch or numerous guest chairs.

White painted walls, bright red cabinets, and gray counters that match the dining table decorate the kitchen. A mini-fridge, a sink, and space for small appliances are available. The kitchen has a sliding glass door next to it that lets in a ton of natural light and provides a quick escape to the backyard.

A queen-size bed is tucked gently into an alcove in one of the bedrooms on the main floor. Over the head of the bed, there is a shelf for storage, and lights set on the wall provide reading light. The large window serves more purposes than aesthetics. To let in some fresh air, it can be opened.

Behind the kitchen, next to the bedroom, is the bathroom, which is surprisingly roomy for such a little home. Above the sink is a bespoke vanity built of mixed woods, complete with a mirror and light. Red metal encloses a 33 shower, and next to the shower, with shelves above it, is a space big enough for a washing machine.

By purchasing the plans, you may make minor changes to this house to make it uniquely yours. It has everything you might want in a rustic home or getaway. Visit for more details and to place an order.

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