Escape the City and Live in Nature: Rent a Tiny House Near Las Vegas

Today I’ll present you the Hummingbird Tiny House, located in Las Vegas.

You have lots of space to explore the desert from the beautiful cottage, which sleeps up to three visitors. The house has a metal roof, plenty of windows on all four sides, and wood siding covering its outside.

The interior of the house is open and roomy, with white walls, hardwood floors, and tongue-and-groove ceilings. The residence is kept bright during the day by the abundance of large windows that let in natural light.

The living room is spacious and has a handmade couch that, if necessary, may be converted into a single guest bed. The addition of an area rug gives the room definition and warmth. With storage below the table, the room doubles as an eating area.

In the back corner of the house is the kitchen, which has a long hardwood countertop and handcrafted cabinets. A cooktop, refrigerator, and open shelves for cups and plates are located above the counter.

The bathroom, which has a hot water shower and a composting toilet, is located off the kitchen. Even though it’s quite basic, it has everything you need to clean up after a day in the desert!

The loft upstairs offers carpeting and space for a queen-sized bed. The little house’s eponymous bird, the hummingbird, is depicted in a stained glass window at the head of the bed, while wide windows bring in natural light and fresh air.

In the mountains and desert, this little cottage guarantees lots of excitement for its visitors.

Visit the following website to reserve a stay at the Hummingbird Tiny House.

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