Damselfly Tiny House Will Surprise You

Zyl Vardos creates one-of-a-kind small homes in Olympia, Washington. The exterior structure is entirely made of wood. Check out this example for a $99,500 value.

A round arch window connects the doorway with the foyer. It was a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted home. The roof is tiled, and the entry features a circular window.

The cabin’s interior has light wood panelling, a windshield, and a roof top. The home is massive, with several storage windows and furnishings. Because of its open layout, it is perfect for single or double guests. Invite someone and it will still be spacious enough for all occupants.

This is a beautiful window. Granite countertops and a refrigerator. The double sink is a fantastic addition.

A Shoji-style sliding door provides seclusion while staying bright. To the left of a loft with a double bed in the bathroom is a large staircase. The chamber is surrounded by circular windows, all of which face inward.

The bathroom incorporates them into the design to highlight features of the home, such as the shower and handcrafted vanity with a little copper basin. A toilet can also be used in place of a regular toilet.

The cabinet is 80 cm long and isolated. The racks may also be pulled up.

A dining area in the middle of a garden. When sitting in front of a 40 “HDTV, the comfy bed in the kitchen is plainly visible.

With such great combinations of the fantastic elements above, it makes a perfect tiny home for a laidback experience.

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