Exceptional Tiny House Can Be Parked Just About Anywhere

Today I would like to show you a wonderful tiny house.

If you’ve been looking for a tiny house which offers a plenty of space, this tiny house is sure to blow your mind.

It is a great tiny house to spend your upcoming vacation with your family and a special one. The design of the house and the arrangement are indeed great for the escape and withdrawal from the hectic world.

If you are a true vacationer, you might agree that it is hard to resist the beauty of this tiny home with a spiral staircase. The property owner chose this design to give such a homey feeling for travelers when they sleepover in the area.

The rustic and modern accents combination won’t betray the sole purpose of the distanced travelers. Solid wood slats around the door and windows give such an original rustic experience.

When you look at the exterior, at a glance, you will be remembered of the modern farmhouse that is slated in some popular magazines. Through the overall design of the house, you will easily see the country style which combined well with the modern look.

Space is contributing more to the living areas and sectional sofa. Meanwhile, it adds a simple and compact kitchenette that is enough to make quick and simple dishes daily.

Tables and stools are added to provide a dining section. But it is also a great medium for your workspace or simply store essentials and other important items. Some chairs are added to allow you to enjoy the laid back environment and relax.

For more information about this model of shipping container home, check out the Mainsail layout from Cargo Home.

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