Designer Revitalizes Tiny Home with Vibrant Color in Atlanta

Carl Mattinson is an interior decorator from Atlanta with a passion for color and making homes pretty. He recently renovated this tiny house in the Grant Park Historic District of Atlanta.

The two bedroom/one bathroom house was given a fresh coat of paint with lime greens and flowers creating a bold curb appeal.

Carl painted the interior of his house grey to give it a more neutral appearance. He also made sure to remove all the walls to create an open space in the middle of the house. This allows the house to feel bigger and less confined.

The dining room is located next to the living room, and it has a large dining table and chandelier hanging above it. The space flows into a modern kitchen that was completely remodeled and upgraded with new cabinets, granite counters, and an island for additional dining space.

The kitchen is truly exceptional, and it features all of the necessary amenities for cooking at home. All of the finishes come together seamlessly to create a high-quality look that will never go obsolete.

In the bedroom you can find a fireplace with painted brick and glass tiles on the hearth.

The bathroom has a big vanity with granite countertops and tons of storage in the cabinets and drawers below. It also features a large shower stall with a tile surround.

For more information about this tiny house and other work of Carl Mattison go to his website.

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