Tiny House In Wales Will Amaze You With Its Lovely Interior

tiny house in wales

I see so many beautiful tiny houses for sale these days, but now and again, one stands out.

This tiny house is located in Wales, UK. Local craftsmen and builders worked hard to restore the property back to its original glory.

The home features a cozy sitting room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and loft space. It also boasts a stone patio out front and a large garden behind it. You will feel like you are at home when you step inside this charming abode.

The wide door opens up to the cozy living area with real leather couches, a warm fire place and a large picture window overlooking the city skyline. Windows line the walls and spill out onto the porch while wooden beams and trusses crowns the room. Handmade drapes hang by the windows and can be drawn for privacy at night or opened up to admire the view.

The upstairs loft is an amazing space with large windows overlooking the fields and mountains. A full size bed sits at the end of the room with a desk and chair next to it.

There is also a closet and a small bathroom with a shower. The kitchen is tucked away in the corner behind the main bedroom. It comes complete with all the necessities for cooking and eating.

Upstairs is a spacious bedroom with its own private bath, a queen sized bed, and a skylight through the roof. A glass barrier separates the room from the rest of the house.

There is also a half bath with a glass enclosure. The downstairs bathroom is all white with a pedestal sink, toilet, and shower.

This tiny house is located on a working organic farm in Wales. The owner lives there full time, and the property is available for rent year round.

Guests may come to help out with chores, or just enjoy the views from inside the cozy space. You can book online at dioni.co.uk.

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