Fall In Love With The Fable Tiny House

tiny house in england

If you love small houses, then the Fable cottage should be your next destination. You will feel right at home as soon as you enter the property because of its unique design.

It’s like a fairy tale come to life. There’s a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom inside the cottage. Plus, there’s a private patio, a deck, and a garden.

Inside, there is an equally charming room with a comfy couch and a big screen TV. A roaring fire keeps everyone warm while the coffee table overflows with books and games.

An old farmhouse table sits in the center of a large room with a built-in bench. A comfortable chair is nearby. A small kitchen is off to the right, with a vintage fridge, stove, and wooden counters.

This kitchen has an old feel, yet it still feels modern and fresh. The cabinets and appliances are all stainless steel, which is a trend we love. And the window treatments add a cozy touch to the room. There are even a few windows out here, making it easier to enjoy the views when you’re cooking.

The home comes with two bedrooms featuring low walls and white-washed floors and two lovely bathrooms.

In addition, this tiny house also has beautiful gardens and amazing little places to sit while you enjoy them!

If you’re interested in staying in the Fable tiny house or just want to see more pictures, go here.

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