Tiny Beach Living at its Best: A 576 Square Foot Stilt House

This amazing tiny house on stilts is close to Gulfport, Mississippi, and it has a very dramatic history. If you are familiar with Gulfport or reside nearby, you are aware that it was one of the communities that Hurricane Katrina completely destroyed.

Katrina caused one couple to lose their first house. Below are images showing the destruction. As you can see, not much remained.

But the couple cherished their property. They had lost their house, but it was still their home. They went so far as to set up a tent there when they could since they didn’t want to give up on it. They didn’t have the money to build a house, but that was soon about to change.

The couple came upon a post on a tiny house site one day that was advertising the new network TV program Tiny House Nation. The program was willing to design and fund the new house since it needed participants.

The couple surprised themselves when they were scheduled for a Skype interview with the New York-based production company after writing into the show.

The home was finished in 2015 and was designed by Birmingham, Alabama’s Standard Creative studio’s Bruce Lanier. Look at what they managed to do.

Another comfortable living space may be seen in this picture. This strikes me as being among the home’s best features.

This living space is open to the outside and provides a beautiful view of the grounds the couple adores. What a creative use of vertical structure to add more living space without having to build anything new.

These outside pictures show that the space beneath the house also serves as a garage. What a fantastic thing!

You can visit the owner’s website.

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