The $300 Hobbit Hole: A Low-Cost DIY Project

Owen Geiger is a man who demonstrates that $300 is a significant sum of money—enough to build a complete small house! That amounts to a price of almost $6 per square foot. Additionally, his little home is extremely cool. Let’s investigate.

The house resembles a tiny Hobbit home exactly. It looks quite inviting and blends in wonderfully with the surrounding tropical plants and natural surroundings.

This house retains its coolness in the summer and its warmth in the winter. Any climate can benefit from it.

The process known as “earthbag construction” was used to build the house. A robust structure that can withstand harsh weather conditions can be built using the earthbag construction technology. The construction of these structures is quick and affordable. Construction of military bunkers and the provision of flood control dikes were the original uses of the method.

As much as possible, Owen kept the cost of his home cheap by using only “found” materials. The door frame’s shape is created by two used tires. Around that are the bags stacked.

To secure the bags, Owen installed strengthening bars all over the building. To ensure that the dome’s structure was sturdy and there was no chance of collapse, every bag had to be precisely oriented.

The “siding,” a natural carpet of grass that drapes the entire structure in a cloak of life and imagination, was the final component to be installed.

I don’t know about you, but I will never view $300 in the same way again after seeing Owen Geiger’s tiny home!

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