Small Space, Big Impact: The Colorful Tiny House in Savannah, Georgia

The tiny house Ravenlore has a square footage of 176 feet and a weight of 13,500 pounds.

As you can see, Nicki Jo Davis of Savannah, Georgia, is the owner of this mobile home. Tiny Green Cabins, a firm, created and constructed the house.

Nicki Jo remarked, “I knew it had to be purple, pink, blue and green when I saw the design with the gingerbread trim.” “I adore how ludicrous it is in every way. It truly brings me joy.

Let’s move on to the interior. Here, the colors are much more serene. Since the wood has been left in its original state, the atmosphere is very different from what you probably anticipated.

The primary living space is visible here. The chairs offer the wood a wonderful contrast.

The lovely kitchen is visible, as are the loft’s stairs and the wide glass doors that let in natural light.

Here’s a closeup view of the kitchen from a different angle so you can get a sense of the cozy interior lighting.

You can see the shower stall over here.

The base model has a starting price of $56,900.

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