The Phoenix is a Wonderful Tiny House in Hawaii

The tiny house which I’d like to show you is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. But we’d like to move further a bit to Kilauea since this house is sitting on its ash.

Thanks to such a strategic location, it offers the natural attractions created by the surrounding black lava fields and the volcano itself. It is indeed another perfect tiny house for retreat.

The house has an amazing exterior with charred wood. It really accentuates the boldness of the surrounding lava field.

The interior is dominated by white walls and pretty high ceilings. It has ample space for everyone to move around and do their fun activities there.

The living room is equipped with complete furniture, like a desk, a couch, and a side desk.

Although the off-grid nature of the house might force you to be a frugal person, you will have wifi and electricity there.

The kitchen and dining area are the focal point of the house.

Although the house does not come with an AC device, you could operate small fans on the walls to cool down.

The bedroom is in the loft. This house will give you and your special one the opportunity to enjoy an off-the-grid experience.

If you want to book your stay here, you can check out the Airbnb listing.

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