Lovely and Stylish Tiny House with Double-Loft

Tiny SMART House is a Portland-based business. RV-certified and constructed to last, these tiny houses are made to accommodate RVers on the go.

It is pretty much significant for regular home lovers alike. But if you are an avid traveler or explorer, it could be the smart house that you’d like to own.

The Willamette Farmhouse has ceilings that are high and provides a large open space with a loft on the second floor. For structures beyond 30 feet, gooseneck trailers are required.

The ceilings are quite high, giving the air a chance to circulate nicely in the room. It also has built-in storage which does not sacrifice space for the daily traffic.

This design features a tiny living area, two sleeping lofts, and a kitchen. These have been pretty accommodating for both the occupants and their guests.

Not to mention, the current kitchen model has enough space for you to handle all of your cooking needs.

I’d give the thumbs up to the two sleeping lofts inside this tiny house. It provides everyone with ample space to sleep without feeling cramped.

If you are looking for a future-proof experience of the RVed tiny home, it is indeed the one to put on the wish list.

For more information about Tiny SMART House, visit their website here.

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