Beautiful 308 Square Foot House in Louisville

This tiny house features large windows, skylights, and garage doors. A two-bedroom home with 308 square feet of living space is selling for $64,800 in Louisville, KY.

This magnificent historic house has a wonderful view and is a must-see.

The gentle grey exterior and white shutters complement one another well. Travel gets simpler when retractable eaves are constructed.

White bead board walls with a Beige color finish offer a conventional and beautiful appearance in Louisville, KY. The bathroom and loft are accessible by two twin stairs.

The glass ceiling of the home is the crown jewel of the structure’s upper part. The large panes of glass in the windows make the space feel light and spacious.

With wood cabinets on both sides, a microwave, and a double stainless steel sink, the flat has a minimalist design. The stairway is very huge, and there is a large refrigerator cubby across from it.

A carpeted area behind the kitchen in a 308 square foot glass-topped house in Louisville, KY may be used for living or sleeping. The attic bedroom is accessed by a broad stairwell.

The loft’s cozy, modern décor may be large enough to fit a queen-sized bed. Octagonal windows give light, while rails create movement.

This spacious bathroom features a porcelain sink and a huge window that can be accessed from the second flight of stairs. On the other side of the room is a toilet and a glass-doored corner shower.

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