The Lucky Penny Tiny House: A Whimsical Retreat in Portland, Oregon

I see so many beautiful tiny houses for sale these days, but now and again, one stands out.

In Portland, Oregon, there is a genuine “Lucky Penny” trailer by Lina Menard. There is a tiny house neighborhood where Lina’s trailer is located.

It’s possible to see other beautiful homes parked close to hers, but the “Lucky Penny” distinguishes out thanks to its enchanting warmth and friendliness.

You can see how tiny her neighbors’ homes are. The house fits in perfectly with the surrounding flowers and plants.

And you considered the exterior to be magnificent? Look at this interior photo for proof! Warm wood tones and minty green make for a lovely complementing color scheme.

The bed sheets and drapes match the patchwork blanket and the walls well. Look at those wood cabinets on tiers to the left. Are these not lovely?

Lina has done a fantastic job at organizing her area. Despite not taking up much space, those cabinets provide plenty of storage. Shelves are provided at the top of the tier design.

A 19″ mini fridge is located under the counter in the kitchen. The tiny sink is just charming.

It is possible to make the bed into a full-size bed. Lina keeps a camping mat for guests. Look at how at ease her cat is! Do you not adore the style of that adorable window, by the way?

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