Tiny House That Will Make You Believe in Fairytales

You might initially believe that the Cob Cottage is some sort of enormous fungus sprouting in Wonderland when you first see it. However, you are truly in British Columbia’s hills.

Around the back, the building’s profile is a little more conventional.

The interior is amazing in every way.

You can see how the organic flowing lines of the architecture have been incorporated into every element of the interior, including the countertop and the cupboards, by stepping through into the kitchen.

In the living space, I like that staircase very much! The wood’s twisted contours maintain an airy, natural appearance that gives the impression that it simply evolved in that shape.

The bedroom can be found upstairs. Here, the architecture’s quirky lines are still present. A cozy atmosphere is produced by the lighting and the wood.

Even a desk with excellent natural lighting coming in from above is crammed up against one wall.

The fact that you can remain there is the finest part about Mayne Island’s Cob Cottage. To access the official Cob Cottage AirBnB page, click the link below.

Right now, a stay in such a distinctive tiny house only costs $109 per night, which is really affordable. For lengthy reservations, there are also weekly and monthly reductions available.

AirBnB link: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1720832?sug=51

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