Whoa! This Tiny House on Wheels in San Antonio Has a Surprisingly Brilliant Interior

Ever wondered if you can move your house anywhere you want? You will be thinking about what common folks might do, such as having the house on the wheel.

Is that even possible?

Of course, YES!

We can see here in this example. You can take a look at the modern farmhouse style with the compact design on the wheels. This kind of model has been very popular in these five most recent years. The multi-toned of the French doors just makes a great combination that presents such a modern marvel.

The compact and stylish design of the home presents you with a minimalist approach with mobility, thanks to the strong wheels supporting the tiny house.

The living space looks cozy. Despite the limit of the space, you can see that it can cater to some furnishings including sofa, chairs, as well as TV. You can also interchange the function of the room to be your working space, dining room, or even sleeping space for your guests.

Then you will find the farmhouse style kitchen which can support you to make great meals for you and your family. The simple set of stairs come from the bathroom leading to the bedroom. There’s a space for a toilet and shower.

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