Schooner Tiny House by VIVA Collectiv

The VIVA Collectiv design team designed this tiny house with sloping finishes and bending roofs. This 200-square-foot building is ideal for a globe-trotting couple.

Keep your eyes on the road when driving, since the exterior is so mesmerizing. I think you’d agree with me since it is a real natural eye-turner for tiny home fans.

I’d start with the kitchen first.

The kitchen has plenty of work and storage space, and it is well-organized. This washer/dryer set includes everything you need, including a huge refrigerator and a wide sink. Food is stored on the open rack above the compartments.

A private rooftop terrace is an excellent spot to spend time outside. You could even like it while you’re having fun!

Let’s move on to the bathroom.

The bathroom on the Schooner has a one-of-a-kind barrel bath! Both the unique things and the large bathroom are favorites of ours. a working toilet with running water.

There is a double bed in the second bedroom. The last surprise is accessible by a trap door on each side of the chamber.

A soft, white wooden floor is covered in a warm, creamy tint. A sofa is set up in the living room to comfortably accommodate a visitor.

Some two-story lofts total around 200 square metres! A ladder leads to the attic from the first bedroom. The bed and furniture are also rather tiny.

To aid ventilation, there are light and air windows located throughout the structure.

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