The Dorian Tiny House

You might want to check out the Maximux Extreme’s tiny houses first before seeing this Dorian tiny house.

One of the greatest creations of Maximus Extreme is The Reagan. But it will be a different thing that we look at from the Dorian.

People said that it was a cozy home with nice accents and an atmosphere for small families or couples. And if this describes your group, you might want to check a bit more.

On the chance of touring the Dorian tiny house, here are some things that we have found.

The Dorian house has a lovely impression and features a reddish roof with white trim.

Inhale deeply, study the details, and then exhale. The trim in the doorway, floor, and ceiling are suggestive of city living.

The little kitchen has a microwave and a large sink. And let’s not forget about the lovely, well-polished wood countertop.

Everyone is welcome to bring clothing, towels, and blankets to share, since the storage is ample enough to store them.

The kitchen design in this gorgeous home offers a fresh perspective on making delicious meals for you and your family.

That inviting window seat promises more for you and your fellow dwellers.

Everything fits on an 8×20 steel platform. The concept of “shared space” played a part in this. Each site serves multiple purposes.

For more information visit the Maximux Extreme’s official website.

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