Sarah’s Autistic Tiny Home by Maximus Extreme

Sarah is a 19 year old young lady with autism. Living in a tiny house is giving her some autonomy, yet allowing her to stay close to her family. Her family contracted with Maximus Extreme Living Solutions in West Haven, Utah to build her this tiny house.

Sarah absolutely loves the color pink, so she picked out her perfect color palette and the Maximus team did a great job putting everything together. The house has a kitchenette with granite countertop and an induction cooktop. There is a bedroom loft with closet organizers and a storage loft.

A barn door with stainless steel hardware leads into the bathroom. Inside is a 32″ shower with on-demand water heater and a bathroom light with a nightlight, vent, and built-in Bluetooth speaker so Sarah can listen to some tunes while getting ready!

You can see more about Sarah’s story and the tiny house build on the Autistic Tiny Homes Facebook page.

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