Tiny House Builders in New York, NY

Tiny houses are becoming a popular trend in New York, and for good reason. With its diverse landscape, ranging from the bustling city to the tranquil countryside, New York offers a variety of options for tiny house living. In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of the top tiny house builders in New York state and give you an idea of what they offer.

From fine craftsmanship and unique personalization to eco-friendly designs and sustainable materials, these builders have something for everyone looking to downsize and live in a tiny home in New York.

Here is a list of top 4 tiny house builders in New York that offer a range of services and options for your tiny living needs:

1. Willowbee Tiny Homes

Willowbee Tiny Homes, based in Saugerties, NY is a family-owned and operated small business that specializes in crafting custom-built tiny homes with fine craftsmanship and unique personalization. The husband and wife team, who also live in a tiny home with their kids, understand the challenges of small spaces and strive to design and build the tiny house of your dreams. With 15 years of building and design experience, they draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the Catskills region.

2. Tiny Hampton Homes

Mark and Jessica Dunkirk, of Tiny Hampton Homes, have been designing and building tiny homes since 2016. Based in Southampton, they prioritize energy efficiency and maximizing space in their designs. They offer completed tiny homes with luxurious upgrades, or basic shells that can be finished by the customer. They will help you create the perfect Long Island tiny house that is both functional and beautiful.

3. Bear Creek Tiny Houses

Bear Creek Tiny Houses, located in the Adirondacks, offers a full range of services from building your tiny house to developing your land, installing a septic tank, and building a road if needed. They also specialize in rustic furniture and custom log work for a unique finish. The company’s resident expert, Bill Rockhill, also offers educational programs for those interested in learning how to build their own tiny house.

4. East End Tiny Homes

East End Tiny Homes, is a Long Island-based tiny house building company run by a married team, Jackie and Mart. They are passionate about designing and building high-quality, yet affordable and environmentally-friendly tiny homes that are cozy and comfortable, with a lot of elegance built-in. With over 30 years of combined experience in design, woodworking, and construction, they ensure that every home is as unique as their customers. They make their tiny homes eco-friendly by repurposing reclaimed aviation metals and sustainable sourcing of wood and other materials. They are dedicated to building tiny homes that are not only functional, but also beautiful and sustainable.

In conclusion, the tiny house movement in New York state offers a range of options for those looking to downsize and live in a more sustainable way. Whether you’re looking for a completed home with luxurious upgrades or a basic shell to finish on your own, the tiny house builders in New York have something for everyone.