220 Square Feet Tiny House Built with the Environment in Mind

Vina Lustado is an woman architect and builder known for breaking boundaries and shattering stereotypes. Lustado designer her own home that reflected her passions and values, such as simplicity, sustainability, and affordability.

Working on it during her spare time, she completed the 220 square foot tiny house after one year for a cost around $40,000.

Because of her environmentally conscious approach, the home she built features timber that was reclaimed from other buildings. A large porch is located off the front of the home with a canopy stretched across it to provide shade and a table set up for dining.

The home is brightly and neutrally furnished with light wood floors and coordinating decor. The living area is spacious, making it perfect for planning projects while staying comfortable in the same space.

The desk has a space below it for storage as well as modular pieces that can be rearranged to create new functions depending on the day. You can also have a loft above the desk for storing items away during the offseason or to avoid clutter from other items. This allows more natural light to filter in and help you work successfully.

You can find a beautiful custom couch is spacious enough to act as a guest bed if needed, and has storage inside the bench for bulky items to be hidden out of sight.

A wood burner sits in front of the sofa and provides plenty of heat to warm the tiny house in cooler weather.

In the center of the house is located the kitchen. Open shelving is above for dishes and mugs and she has a large built-in pantry for food items. There’s also a cooktop, stove,
and deep stainless steel sink.

The bathroom is at the rear of the home and features a beautifully designed sink on a metal frame, a tiled shower, and a built-in bench with shelves and hooks for storage.

There’s so much more to see inside this beautiful tiny house so take a minute to watch this video tour by Houzz.

For more information visit Vina’s company’s website.

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