The Adorable and Functional Solution for Solo Living

Living in the Pickalotta gives you the impression that you are inside a fairy mushroom house. This is a property that is full of fun and is perfect for your subsequent vacation or weekend escape.

This accommodation has a living room and is like a lovely cabin! Yes, there are plants growing not just around the house but also on top of it.

You may go ice fishing in the winter at this retreat, select your own fresh vegetables from the garden, and cook outside in the stone oven. There is also a welcoming sauna on the grounds.

Pickalotta is modest in size, but it also boasts a big porch with chairs. An outdoor shower that is best used in the summer and warmer seasons of the year is accessible via a boardwalk.

The kitchen is cozy, equipped with a burner, lots of cabinets, and all the cookware you could ever need. You may choose from a variety of beautiful tableware, flatware, and cooking utensils, including as seasoned cast iron skillets that are perfect for indoor and outdoor ovens.

For your convenience, a water filtration system has been installed, which is useful for providing you with the fresh, crystal-clear water you crave on sweltering summer days. The stove that burns gas is the ideal size for a variety of meal requirements.

A straightforward corner table in the main living room of the house can be used to serve meals or, as illustrated, to play a game with your spouse close to a blazing fire.

You can access a nice-sized sleeping space by quickly ascending the stairs. Despite being a tiny house, it boasts comforts and seclusion. This room’s bed is roomy and comfortable, making it ideal for a leisurely morning of indulging.

The wood-burning stove in the main floor living area has to be one of the nicest improvements to this compact house. This is a fantastic feature that adds atmosphere you’ll enjoy and effortlessly heats the entire house in the winter.

On their Instagram account, you can learn more about this distinctive tiny house. They can also be rented through Airbnb.


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