Magnificent Tiny House That Will Surprise You

tiny house napa

I see so many beautiful tiny houses for sale these days, but now and again, one stands out.

If you like the perspective of living in a tiny houses on wheels, but in addition you want want to make sure that you have a roomy feel inside, this tiny house is sure to blow your mind.

The Napa by KJE Tiny Home is a perfect solution for basic tiny homes with a minimalist lifestyle. The Napa model comes from a traditional farmhouse style.

They offer an open floor plan with simple straight lines, white and wood throughout, hardwood floors, shiplap features, and simple tile.

Large kitchens have plenty of luxury amenities with large wooden cabinets to store all your kitchen tools. It also has a built-in two-burner stovetop for cooking your favorite meals. Easy to clean up after cooking with the backsplash tile.

Small but functional living space includes the lofted bed space that won’t make you feel claustrophobic. For pet owners, there is a small barn door under the bed pedestal that leads to a dog closet.

No need for chopping wood to heat the room since the fireplace is using gas makes it easier to use. It is also safe for kids, adults, and pets.

For storing your favorite collection of books, movies, or other mementos you can use built-in surrounding cabinets with deep shelves that are right against the stairs. The placement of the cabinet is very handy for your limited space in the tiny house.

A large and comfortable bathroom with a tiled shower, glass door, and spa atmosphere is located on the opposite end of the lofted bed space.

For more information about this lovely tiny house visit KJE Designs.

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