Eco-friendly Tiny House Provides a Surprisingly Charming Design

Want to explore the jungle but still comfortable? This beautiful jungle tiny house is the answer.

This tiny jungle house is a recycled form of a converted shipping container that is made into an eco-friendly beautiful house.

The good thing about a house made of recycled shipping containers is that it has minimum walls and you can still see the beautiful nature of the forest from the house’s backyard.

Folding doors on each separate bedroom for privacy. There is a comfortable bed with a flowing canopy, an open closet, and built- in shelves for storing your clothes in each bedroom.

We also have large windows and open wall slats for airflow and lighting in every room.

In the bohemian style living room, you’ll find floating bookcases, benches, and tables made of rustic wooden, along with modern light fixtures, fans, and comfortable chairs.

In the bathroom, you can put washcloths, lotions, and other little stuff on the shelves near the sink, and towels or other larger toiletries can be put on the space below the shelves.

The shower offers the feeling of “showering in the outdoors” because it is surrounded by concrete and curtains to make it private from outside.

The kitchen can be indoor and outdoor at the same time because of the open wall that connects your house with the open space.

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