Macy’s Tiny House Makes Amazing Use of Space

Macy’s house is made entirely out of leftovers and waste. She used recycled pallets to create the exterior of her house. The interior walls are constructed from corrugated metal sheets. Her house looks very cool and unique.

Inside, the house features light colors with white walls and wood floors and accents. The roofline is steep giving the area over the living room and kitchen high ceilings.

The living room is in front of the house with an open space for storage. Behind the TV, there is a sleeping loft with a cleverly designed wall partition that allows light to filter into the loft while providing privacy.

Bookshelves were added on to the wall that makes up this room. This allows you to see one of the home‘s biggest residents: the family dog. The kitchen extends down the wall between the dining room and the back of the house.

There are wood counters and stainless steel appliances including an upright freezer and a dishwasher. Across the stove and cooktop there is a refrigerator and microwave placed into a wall.

Open shelves make the kitchen feel more spacious and the long rod adds a sense of order and organization. Pendant lighting adds pops of color while keeping the room from being too bright or dark. The bathroom is accessed via a sliding door on wheels instead of a standard door.

The bathroom has a tiled shower stall with a square sink on a vanity. There are two bunk beds in the bedroom and a window over the sink.

The floor tiles are white, but the walls are painted yellow. The toilet is located next to the shower. The bathtub is made of glass.

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