Check Out This Fabulous Tiny House

The Crib is a tiny house made from galvanized steel with timber frame and wooden beams. It’s designed for people who want a rustic cabin but don’t want to spend a fortune building it.

The Crib is built with SIPs, and it’s super insulated. You can buy plans to build your own CRIB!

Homes are bright and open with lots of natural light. Stoves are placed in the center of rooms, keeping them warm.

Fans circulate air and cool the house down during hot months.

This house has a kitchenette and office area toward the back of the home. There is also an open space above the kitchenette for a bedroom.

And when you’re finished with the cabinet area, there is a cubby for your television.

The garage door doubles your living space, but the downside is that it makes your house look more like an office building than a home. You can leave the door open for days on end during nice weather.

For more information about this tiny house, go to this link.

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