Charming Tiny House in Indianapolis

We love the house because it is cute and unusual. It is also very cheap compared to other homes we’ve seen. It is located in Indianapolis, and includes a few acres of land. The house is listed for 35K, but is probably worth more than that.

The exterior of this tiny house is incredibly charming. There’s nothing about the exterior of the house that we don’t love. From the garage to the copper rail on top of the roof, this home is truly breathtaking with gray siding and built-in storage closet inside.

The interior of the house isn’t disappointing either. The main door opens into a spacious living room with a sliding glass door leading to the private patio.

Across from it is a garage that opens to a large outdoor space. Walls throughout the home are made of wide planks that are painted white and the flooring is a warm hardwood that adds depth to the home.

The loft is a great place to relax after a hard day of work. There is a white couch that can be used as a sleeping space if needed. There is also a white table that can be turned into a dining table when needed. The large windows give the room amazing views of the city.

The kitchen is very pretty indeed. The cabinets are made of thick wooden boards finished with turquoise paint. Copper sinks are installed in front of the windows. A large fridge makes an appearance in this kitchen.

The fridge is built up high enough so that you do not need to squat to look inside it. It also adds open cubbies to store your linens and small items. All of it comes together perfectly!

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