Fabulous Tiny House With Impressive Interior Near Houston, Texas

There are tons of gorgeous tiny houses on the market currently! One which really caught my eye is this tiny house by Sasquatch Custom Homes.

This wonderful tiny house is made out of corrugated metal, and it is surrounded by wooden trim. There is an awning around the front door, and there is a porch off of the front door. It measures about 200 square feet.

This home is very cozy inside. The living room and kitchen share the same space. A long bench stretches along the wall across from the cabinet. There are windows lining the wall letting in natural light.

A dining table is at the far end of the counter with enough room for two people. There are bar stools tucked under the counter and out of the way. You can fold them down if you want to turn the counter into an art piece.

The kitchen is well equipped with custom cabinets and drawer dividers. The counters are granite and there’s a cooktop and full sized fridge.

The bathroom comes with a composting toilet, a sink, a vanity, and a full sized shower stall. Storage drawers are mounted to the wall next to the toilet.

There is also a ladder that goes up into the sleeping loft. A TV is mounted above the kitchen and can be viewed from just about everywhere in the house.

There’s a small loft over the front door which can be used for storing items.

For more information about this tiny house, visit the builder’s website.

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