Fabulous Tiny House In Texas

Ever dreamed of having a house with custom woodwork or marble tile?

If you do then you’ll love Breezeway by Tiny Heirloom. It has two-toned wood siding, a dramatic roofline, and a unique garage door side door option.

The exterior wall is made of stained wood slat walls combined with dark blue cabinets.

Breezeway’s living area is a small but comfortable area that allows you to enjoy a beautiful outdoor view while sitting comfortably on your sofa.

Full-sized comfortable kitchen with bar stools for seating while waiting for your meal to be prepared. It’s a wonderful place to relax while enjoying a glass of wine or sit down to work.

Marble lined showers with tile accents and a big spa shower head make the bathroom very luxurious.

Shiplap and brick walls line the laundry area for rustic accents. Here you can comfortably fold and sort your laundry.

Above the bathroom is the comfortable loft bedroom surrounded by large windows with a privacy wall that makes you feel alone from the rest of the world.

Whether it is rustic or modern, this Breezeway home has it all, wood accents, classic farmhouse clean lines, and basic colors, and the huge garage door opening.

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