Check Out This Outstanding Tiny House With Unique Wooden Accents

“Casa de Lux” is a small tiny hand-crafted luxury home.

Stayin true with a small footprint but already includes all the amenities that you dreamed of having. this little house with wheels has Teal, red, and blue color that surely catches attention wherever you go.

A sofa and two fun chairs are placed in the living room. Also, a wooden table on one side that can be functioned as a workstation or dining table.

The wall between the sleeping area and the living area has a stained glass look that makes it unique. Meanwhile, beauty and privacy offered by a small original barn door style bathroom.

Windows on all sides along the white walls provide natural lights day and night, also make the room feel open and bigger than it is.

The wonderful thing is the color that matched each other in the appliances like the refrigerator matches the red of the chairs, the bathroom door, and the stained glass partition.

Teal tiles that cover some part of the house, but it could be easily updated with similar tiles to cover the entire wall.

What brings the house together and makes it a true home is the color touching everywhere in the house.

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