250 Square-Foot Backyard Shed

This backyard shed is the real art of the talented Paige Morse. The tiny house has complete amenities for living, such as a kitchen, bathroom, and so on.

It provides an amazing interior and exterior.

The dwellers will be welcomed with natural elements, from houseplants to vases. The house is really the best companion for all dwellers.

It has a plush couch which you can use the moment after finishing your job. Sit back and relax while you can enjoy the whole experience of this maximized space.

Lovely living room décor! Despite its tiny size (250 square feet), the house appears to be tidy in black and white.

A four-burner stove and a sink are used for cooking. To make the most of a tiny kitchen, Paige recommends mastering basic dishes.

The left wall has book pages, a working sink and toilet, two mirrors to make the most of the limited space, and storage beneath the sink.

Take note of the striped carpet as well as the other design elements. There are less than a dozen. They are there for a reason. Paige claims that the stripes are becoming wider. This results in a bigger area.

This lovely property was formerly a collection of deteriorating, century-old garden buildings.

Paige finished her two-bedroom house in four months. The amazing appearance of the house is solid proof of her hardwork.

For more information visit Paige’s website.

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