Port-A-Bach Tiny Container Home

For the minimalist design fans, this Port-A-Bach really defines the principles of true minimalist enthusiasts. Each part of this tiny house really uses the available space maximally.

It offers many benefits in every space available in the house. All in all, all the used space won’t go to waste, and the dwellers will live a comfortable and happy life there.

Atelierworkshop is the one that progressed this amazing tiny house. As mentioned, it is made of reclaimed containers.

Don’t get deceived by the tiny small size, since it is a perfect size for two adults and two kids.

What stunned me was one wall which presented one large glass door combination. The dwellers can open some of the walls to let the air come through the house. It also provides more functions for gatherings and other occasions.

All of the amenities are amazing. You can enjoy the future-proof stainless steel kitchen and a full bathroom with a toilet-sink-shower.

Port-A-Bach is not a finished product. It is now living in the Puke Ariki Museum in New Plymouth. But for those who want to order, Atelierworkshop is ready to accept the project for similar designs.

For more information visit Atelierworkshop’s website.

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