Gypsy Mermadi Tiny House

We call this tiny house the Gypsy Mermaid.

Zooming in on this image reveals the nuances. Excellent texture on the siding gives the property a wonderful look.

Sense of something ancient, yet not worn. Shabby-chic, perhaps? But it was the closest words which we could use for something amazing like this.

A bright yellow and blue couch greets visitors and dwellers of the house for a lot of purposes.
The white walls and dark wood ceiling beams make a striking contrast. It is a good pick since white seems more spacious than other colors.

One of the house’s coolest features is the brick oven. Many modest houses feature a brick oven. It makes pizza!

Just below the circular window are steps to a loft (which you undoubtedly saw from outside). They conceal storage and a washer. We’ve seen this sort of storage under stairs before, but never a washing machine.

You could check out the builders’ blog to find out how they can make such an amazing house.

Robert and Rebekah characterize their homebuilding process as “condensed collaboration”.

Its blog and gallery include many fascinating photos of the construction process. Many pictures of pizza being baked in a brick oven. It’s a unique small house. It’s a fascinating house full of colors, textures, and Bohemian design features.

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