Pinafore by Zyl Vardos

Pinafore is an amazing tiny house built by Zyl Vardos.

The 24’ tiny house is 172 square-feet on the main floor and the loft adds another approximately 80 square-feet.

The exterior consists of cedar shake siding and a custom built mahogany barrel top door with a triangle stained glass window.

The interior features is a hardwood floor laid at an angle and a storage staircase with a closet and shelving. The loft has three windows and the slope of the roof allows for extra headroom on the stairs side.

The kitchen includes a custom butcher block countertop, four burner stove, vintage sink, and a shelf along the top that is just the right size for mason jars. The bathroom has a stainless shower and a composting toilet.

For more information about this tiny home you can contact Zyl Vardos.

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