This Marvelous Tiny Treehouse In Canada Will Amaze You

Joel Allen is a carpenter who built a tiny house in the woods. He carried everything into the woods himself.

The tiny house was a beautiful idea. However, it was eventually dismantled and sold on Craigslist.

This house was built around a tree because it needed structural support. The floating stairs were built to get to the tiny home.

There are curved walls inside the home, and the tree runs through the middle of the home.

The home is cozy, and there are shelves and benches inside the front door. Outside, the windows look out into the forest.

A small office area was built under the winding staircase with enough room for a laptop and writing area.

Cooking was done on the porch with an outdoor grill. We loved the idea of “riding roughshod” over the land and living simply with minimal amenities.

It’s amazing how one person could dream up such a place! What dreams are you waiting to realize? It’s about time to get started!

To learn more about this wonderful tiny house, visit Joel’s website.

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