Rustic Charm on Wheels: The Shepherd’s Hut Tiny House

The Collingwood Shepherd Hut, which has dimensions of just 7.5 feet wide by 15 feet long, combines elements of modern and traditional design. I think that those wagon wheels are incredible.

The entire house was constructed by hand. A closer look at the stunning cast iron wheels is shown here.

Actually, the Shepherd House was built with inclement weather in mind. For this reason, the roof is angled vertically at both the front and back of the caravan. These shingles are made to shed heavy snow, preventing it from weighing down on the roof and weakening it.

Let’s now look inside, beginning with the breakfast nook. You will se the interior has a straightforward and minimalist style. Just take a look at those gorgeous wood walls! They are magnificent!

As you can see, the table can be converted into a cozy bed while not in use!

A third bed that slides out of the bottom of the double bunk bed is visible if you look down at it. Thus, this compact home can accommodate four people in comfort.

The interior features a lot of wood elements. The roof and walls’ slight curvature is lovely! Also, notice how beautifully made the door is!

The customization possibilities for the exterior, interior, and trim colors are shown in the images above. These are all natural, subdued colors, as you can see. Take note of how the designers have chosen a range of options that all work well together.

Check out the link to the builder’s website if you enjoyed touring this tiny home, and tell your friends about it.

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