Amazing 123-Square-Foot Tiny House

If you’re looking for a treasure, this next residence is ideal for you. The organization now operates out of a 123-square-foot cottage in Pennsylvania. To participate in the auction, a $200 deposit is necessary. By November 30th, the deposit is due.

A house in Knoxville, Tennessee is now listed for $17,250. The rustic tiles, metal accents, and white trim on the little house not only look nice, but they also benefit the United Way.

The material is embellished with a white washed floor, a wood ceiling, and a covered hull.

If correctly planned and organized, a tiny house can be both roomy and efficient.
To fill a whole wall, the sofa must face a wide window. A storage box is built behind the sofa, and shelves are installed in the alcove.

The shelves above the magnetic panel are used to store small appliances and supplies.
The cooler sits at the far end of the counter, and the windows feature a stainless steel sink.

A stainless steel bathroom with a toilet and shower over the cooking range.
Next to the sofa is a ladder and a bookcase in the attic. The contents are shown through a large aperture.

The stairs lead to a loft that feels enormous because of the large windows that allow in natural light. Two people can comfortably share a bed in this tiny house.

The table also serves as a coffee table, while the sofa serves as a buffet. Hooks are built into the wall for safe and convenient instrument storage.

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