Modern Refined Container Home

It is another container tiny home on our watch list. Developed by Tiny in a Box, an Alabama-based company, the house has attracted many eyes because of its reclaimed containers as the main component of the house.

The good thing is that it is not exclusive to some people. You could order a similar structure for $60,000.

The project is fully customizable depending on the client’s requirements and needs. You just need to specify what you need and the company will tailor the container home for you.

The company offers a wide array of layouts and designs which can be suitable for different preferences. If you have a personal choice for your home, you could just discuss it with the company.

As we can see from the kitchen, which is located at the back of the dining space, the low-profile cabinets are placed across the wall. That leaves enough space to accommodate a refrigerator for daily purposes.

There’s no need to worry about storage availability since this house already has cabinets and deep drawers in the kitchen.

The bathroom is mesmerizing with its walk-in glass shower. There’s also a large deck which you can use for entertainment purposes. It allows the occupants to have a party together with their guests.

For more information and specifications on the West End model, visit the builder’s website.

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